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Laptop motherboard repair

The mainboard is the main part of a laptop. If you order a new main board from the manufacturer, the cost will be in excess of £300 which in most cases will not be cost effective. we can offer a permanent solution at under half  the price by repairing the existing motherboard details of possible symptoms as follows;

Laptop Running slowly

Laptop Making a loud whirring noise

Laptop Overheating

Laptop Won't power on

Turns on black screen

Large icons with blocky colours

Why it's important to get a good quality repair

Generally there are two options when getting a main board repair, the cheapest and fastest method of the two would be a reflow and the more expensive option which requires skill, expensive equipment and some serious patience is a reball.

The benefits of the more expensive REBALL rather than a reflow

Because of the nature of the repair the reball method  is as good as having a motherboard replaced,  with this service we offer at a 90 day warranty where as on a reflow we can only offer 30 days as we are repairing the chip but not the under lying problems which may be causing the damage.
That said our success rate is 90% on our reflows and we've had many a customer return to us 2 years down the line with a working laptop - Be sure to check this when obtaining a quote as the job may cost less..but it may cost twice!

The causes of motherboard or graphics failure

main causes;  blocking  the fan by either dust caught in the fan or placing  a laptop on a soft surface which blocks the air flow.
Common brands are HP, Dell, Toshiba, Sony MOST laptops with Nvidia or ATI Graphics chips are vulnerable as these companies some years back stopped using lead in the solder used to bind these chips to the mainboard.

Our Mainboard Repair service has a 3-5 day turnaround and is priced from £100 all work comes with a 90 Day RTB Warranty

If your Computer has a meltdown don’t PANIC! Contact us today for a quote